Saturday, 19 July 2008

Udah 3 kali deh!Mana tahan!

Always be in love with Mc Donald! OOOhh Where is my Big Mac!ohhh it's on the left side of the single!


same time old place..Why I could feel something about him, even he doesn't told me! The weird thing! When he tried to console me, I couldn't accept that. I told him that he will always give the priority to other thing, not me! I feel so sucked. I started to yell at him, and first time I heard him rising his tone. First time and he thinks that I would listen and scared to him. Nope! I won't listen to him! I don't want to. Even I love him!

And this is the third time..he told me that he's not the one who planning that! His family was trying to call him to inform about that bitch went back to the house. Yeah,..I understand that! but he got to tell me the truth or see me first before off to the island(Am I so special to get the priority?):P. On the way back, he could drop for few minutes telling me. Or sometimes man doesn't want to share what's in their heart and telling his partner ! That's too sad! I can't be gentle to him tonight...I can't be so soft with him. This guy make me sick! Always sickening me! But i love him so much,how could I do and feel that to him. I should be patient! But why, it has been three times in almost same date..last two year..he hurt me on the 1) 20th July 2006, 2) 20th July 2007 and 2)18th July 2008.
I thought I could be happily celebrating my coming birthday , could I enjoy my day with him if he .....Iyarkkk!
I feel so yuck!
Ya Allah! Please make me strong. Please make me trust him so much! Please make me believe him that he's the right one..the one for me . Please make me the only 1 for him beside his children! Ya Allah!Please forgive for loving him so much! Please forgive us! Amin!

Kutuliskan kesedihan

Semua tak bisa kau ungkapkan

Dan kita kan bicara dengan hatiku

Buang semua puisi

Antara kita berdua

Kau bunuh dia sesuatu

Yang kusebut itu cinta

Yakinkan aku Tuhan

Dia bukan milikkuBiarkan waktu waktu

Hapus aku?Sadarkan aku Tuhan

Dia bukan milikkuBiarkan waktu waktu

Hapus aku?


DatOk ZeQ said...

ros won't sick ky - No more

Life is not always a rose garden, there are torns here and there. You have to be strong and stay focused and much can be accomplished.

3 kali ye... Knock 3 times.. on the ceiing if you wants me.. lagu lama ! Ko kena tahan, tau !! Muuaahh !

Datang lah blog baru aku

Kelana Jaya, Selangor

rosevsky said...


ya 3 kali!

I know I am rose, and always thorns around me,here and there! Sometimes I feel tak larat dengan yang hurt me so much or am I hurting myself with loving him more than I should..or I should love myself ..Ya Allah! apa kena with me now!
Mungkin tertelan Big Mac td kot!

tentangseseorang said...

kalau perempuan tidak mudah terluka...pastinya lelaki menceritakan segalanya. :)

rosevsky said...

dan lelaki suka perempuan mempunyai andaian yang MAHA dahsyat terhadap mereke kah?

tentangseseorang said...

tiada wanita yang tidak syak wasangka. so did guy have a choice?


General said...

mesti ada caranya,supaya wanita tidak syak wasangka!