Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Busy with sales call

Di mana ada kemahuan di situ ada jalan.,

Dah dua hari buat sales call.
Hari pertama,sungguh teruja dgn good feedback from clients yang kami jumpa.Its Rainny first day learning as
sales person,knocking on stranger's door.

Hari kedua,aku perasan momentum Rainny sudah agak berkurangan. Tak tau aku nak komen apa tapi that's her job.
Aku rasa macam nak tegur tapi dia sepatutnya tau apa responsible dia.
Plan to get Kak Zaimah as my assistant but her experience made me low profile. She is better than me and yet ..aku tak tau apa yang harus aku beri.
SE lama ,Mai pun ada tanya with Sh,so I also feel liking her..not licking arrrr..
I need someone yang experience.

2 SC yang ada tu ,aku berkenan but Lind still not confident. How to make people confident. I want the confident motivators.

My SE now, Rainny still not perform yet and she knows that she doesn't deserve that but apa nak buat nasi dah jadi bubur.

At this moment all planning I hope to be true. MOD for this weekend with hubby around me make me excited and jovial for the duty.
I love to be around him anyway. Tempat isteri adalah di sisi suami pun.
Kadang2 ..tak jugak..Setiap kali aku pergi kerja dan sebelum itu aku akan tatap wajahnya sebelum bergerak...Aku sedih,tak tau apa yang aku sedihkan tapi aku hanya fikir rezeki untuk kehidupan kami berdua.
Tu yang menguatkan azam ku untuk terus bergerak n bekerja demi kehidupan kami.
Ya,sepatutnya Ky yang fikir tapi aku tak mau susahkan dia aja..Kehidupan dia yang lalu aku dpatkan agak sukar dan tidak tenang. Dengan cinta di hati dia yang dia belum pernah rasai(aku haraplah),kasih sayang dari ku yang definitely bigger than anyone would stuck in his head and heart and mind to feel the existence of me.
Anyway, I love him so much more than anything dengan izin Allah serta restuNya!
Alhamdulillah. Kerana Allah telah hadiahkan anugerah dalam hidupku. Ampunkan Segala Dosaku Ya Allah.

Saturday, 17 July 2010

Another 9 days to go

Zaman kurus!

Well its almost 2 months in the new place and yet I have adapted myself with the surrounding I guest.
Nothing much I want to complain since everytime I want to do it,my twin ..a person who had the same birthdate as mine.

 Ky is the most outstanding person in my life. I have accepted all about him whether its good or bad. As he accepted me just the way I am.Alhamdulillah.
thanks God!

Sunday, 4 July 2010


Always fear of any freaking out in this month.
Yeah anyway its my month!
But yet still got the trauma of that date!!!

Had a rough argument with hubby.
Well,that's too bad .And still I am hurt.
I can't easily saying miss someone without having intention.
And if I missed someone ,that is not because of lust but the relationship over the friendship.

 How could a man could easily saying missing someone that is so stranger to him
I was saying this and found that so easily that could easily slipped out from his fingers over the sms.

Anyway fuck of that bloody idiot woman!!! Go to hell with that idiot!

Go and fuck anyone else,you damn cheap..

Well Thais,Vietnamese are some sort of sickness in our country!
dont you agree about that!