Tuesday, 22 June 2010

After long holiday

Last holiday,managed to get those 3 kids back to Manjung.Alhamdulillah. But yet, I couldn't accept with their attire.Ky had given so much but yet nothing much done by his x. What happened?Where does the money go?
Makan for 500?Left only 2 little boys and that is not enough?What is this..

  Angah informed us that X had asked for forgiven from us for saying that Ky was put charm black magic on her so she couldn't get married. But yet I had given some scenarios to Ky and his brothers about what a man want a woman in the life. Yet,Angah agreed that X always saying Ky is bad,divorcing her to her boyfriends. Is that what a man wanted in life,having someone who kept on telling about the X in the woman's life? Couldn't be that,right?
A divorcee shouldn't keep on repeating the same thing if they want to get a new man in their life. Do not blame others!