Wednesday, 25 March 2015

March 2015

Ini budak yang berumur 6 bulan lebih..Cucu kepada my other half. Consider my cucu la. My stepson's son! Such a cute boy and too matured for his age.
I guessed its because of the gen!

Macam dah lama aja tak update blog kan.

lama sangat2. Being in the marketing team of this corporate healthcare really challenging. Sometimes I just wondering why I need to do all that. 
I can't just stay at home..doing for the whole time of my life shouldn't be a good idea.
Yes it shouldn't..coz when doing nothing at home..still won't give you satisfaction. long I could stand..I will..this year its going to be 23 years of working life.

To my other half...Selamat Hari Polis.