Friday, 14 October 2016

Rezeki jgn ditolak

After 4 months,  still feel not happy with thr environment but I guess i am not doing my best to do my job.  Perhaps.
The satisfaction is not there even quite happy with a lot of people.  But people might not be true to you.  They can turn around just like a second. Without thinking on the consequences, i following the flow and yet it trapped me.
With the situation, i rather confessed without giving guideline and my initiatives had gone wrong all these while.
Poor me, i don't really know what is in their heart.  Their hatred.  But do i need to care for it as i am working for the company and yet I couldn't pleasure everyone in the team.
And sometimes i do look like an actress playing some acts.. Which i knew from the start that i can't.

I have been saying a lot to my heart, that if i couldn't fullfill my own pleasure why should i stay.
Life must move on.

Here we go, i was on mc yesterday.  To much neck pain and the best part my bp also gone to border line, 149/90.
As my friend said that i couldn't take lightly as it would affect my whoke life if its become serious.
Without medication, i need to control my food taking.

Also, i received an invitation for interview.  Hope this would be my luck again.  Please pray for me.

Salam Jumaat to all. Hahha.. As if I got reader now.