Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Sakit badan woohh!

Appointment with GM to printing some brochures for both places. Hotel & Chalet! Heard some rumors about my outstation sales trip in the hotel. Stayed till lunch time and waited for Ky to fetch and going to my Strawberry restaurant. Hmm..closed today! Just went to Pizza Hut and still I am looking for Spaghetti again but..I knew Ky not used to the Pizza's meal so I have got no choice to take that flower type of pizza. I ate but I was so busy and don't have time to remember the name! Just forget it!
He went back to the island after took my dirty laundry back ...but not to his house. I wish he could but unfortunately he couldn't. He sent them to the laundry shop which the owner will send back the clean laundry on his own. Actually I could save some money to wash my own but..I don't have some space to dry at this area. And Ky also could bring them back..but it's not nice for him to wash them for me! I know he doesn't care to wash for me but...it's not normal.
I managed to saved the file of Hulk to his thumb drive where I deleted his some file which made me irritating. I don't like what inside his thumb drive. Told him that and he got nothing to say about it! This is very keji of me to do that to him. Still I want to sickening him, but I don't like it and I should tell him that!
Tomorrow- CDP from my previous place will come for the interview at my hotel. My ex trainee will come after 9th of July. actually my plan is to bring my ex chef,Arwah Naim with me but God is Great ,I can't help to think others except some of my ex colleague and staff.
Mejar AS will come tomorrow for his next training on August. He is one of Kampar's hotel guest and had been doing some business with me for few times! And now,he still contact me. What a nice guy of him! I remembered part of his saying 'Eh...Ada juga orang nakkan you ya?' When I told him that I have someone that I love the most in my life. Very unpredictable response from him. It's okay for me as long still ,he still a friend for me!
Early morning-10 am- Appointment with GM,Asst Ops Mgr and the designer to discuss about the flyers and brochures.

Late evening-I have to prepare and pack something to bring to Sg Petani. Sending Ky's second son to his campus. Ky was worried about his son who wanted Ky to buy him a motorbike. Ky having bad phobia with motorbike. He still remember about what had happened to his Arwah Along(The First son who passed away on the 2/9/06 because of accident while riding his motorbike on the way to his college). And I couldn't say anything about it.

(Currently these entry was saved in the draft) I didn't know why I saving these instead of publish them!

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