Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Apa ada dalam roti canai & nasi lemak

Fakta-Fakta apa yang ada pada our beloved food!
Roti canai & Nasi Lemak


Early morning, I went to the hotel and doing such a simple job and yet after printing ,those men never go out. Hmm..What a waste! Ky fetched me at the hotel to have lunch together at Pizza Hut Rest. I am having a bad time when browsing his thumbdrive while downloaded the movie.
I am getting angry again . What happen to me! I think I am so mengada2! Getting worst, I guest!
He always be himself. Buat derrrkkk aja! Geram betul. Kalau ada pistol,tembak aja dia!heheheh..Pistol air mcam songkhran.

Tomorrow- Attending CDP interview.
Entertaining RAMD Tph,Mjr As.

Thursday- Going to SP to send Ky's son! Hmm..

Jalan2 cari makan!

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