Friday, 14 January 2011


Wow, I didn't noticed 2 follower.Thanks  AzaAdi. The new reader me.
Terima kasih.

fyi, sy sudah berblog sejak 2002,boleh lihat scroll di bawah di bahagian tajuk Wonderful Blog in My Life.Hmmm tak perlu nak citer sejarah blogku yg tidak seberapa ini.

Anyway, today I was so excited to have the performance training..a very very last minute dance practise which I knew I still had the skill which should be sharpen more. :) Those ass is too big now..You lazy bump Rosmah!

the body temperature in me rising up suddenly when one couldn't help to trouble himself,.Cmon darling,..let them have their own independent life. Just don't understand why the other one couldn't do by herself. Using children as the 'middle man' is something not good, I guessed so. I couldn't accept the reason that that tree is so high and couldn't reach by the son,and yet get my darling to send to them and the travel was almost 2hours.
That is so suck! And yet the lunch date we had arranged is cancel,. Well, I can accept if he wants to visit the sick son BUT to send the herbs was totally out of the mind.
Sebut ajalah ko rindu ..tak yah sebut nama..ko telefon aja..aku dah bagi greenlight kan? Take it or leave it!


DaddyDian said...

rose is back!! :)

Rose said...

errrkk ko dah boleh komen..yeahhhh

DaddyDian said...

haha.. blog nko ni banyak betul security... solex besor betul!

TheVeryEry said...

yayye i pun dh boleh comment

Rose said...

Well, nak buat comeback kena byk tapis2 wohh..
aku masih lagi agak phobia tu..hahahha phobia apa ke mendanya..

TVE- mcm kenal aja..Do I know you?

Rose said...

Subhanallah..olab@ Ery..


Hugggggsss you....