Saturday, 22 January 2011

Its weekend

 Ky planned to in house tomorrow.Even getting the staff rate,still I think its not worth.He wanted to bring those 2 sons from KK.Maybe he misses his 2 sons. I don't know since I don't feel it. Not fair,right! But what can I do ,I can't just force myself to feel the way he thinks. Anyway,its still my son too only that I didn't have them before in my belly. So I do not know how does it feels. and for me what they want is only education and they should know what is the responsibility.For me,as long they could respect their father,that's more than enough for me. I don't expect them to care for me since they have their own mother to look at someday. I always think that way.
When I grow old,I don't think I would begging for children attention.As I know,in the future we don't know what will happen and I can't predict also. Even if I have my own children,I would wanted them to be better life than me.More happier without so much obstacle in their life. I would always pray that my child won't get the same condition as I am,But I do want them to get the love attention whom Ky had gave the love to me. And I always think, did anyone from both side would love them as Ky loves! Nobody knows. Only Allah! Whatever,we should redha. Berserah kepadaNya! Insya Allah.

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