Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Malam semalam was fabulous moment

 Sadly without hubby. what a management lah,tak mau invite spouse HOD,mcm byk sangat makanan yg akan dibaham oleh spouses HOD. Ky a bit frustrated with this management..Well dear, this is not my company,if our own,we will definitely care for our staffs welfare. Do remember it.

  The green theme is outrageous. Everybody looks green except some department who really arrogant and showing off their true colors. Too bad that both of my close friends are in that department. Well nothing I could say except just go ahead.

to be continue.

hm,,sambung  ke? tak payah lah..:)


DaddyDian said...

same like my majikan.. bila ada function mmg tak boleh nak ajak spouse.. sabor la.. karang2 kalo kita buka company sendiri kang, boleh la jemput tuan/puan/dato/datin sekeluarga.. :p

roserose said...

aku kena bagi lagu,,,Jangan Kau Mimpi!