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Entry ulangan dari blog entry thn 2008.20.4.2008

1) 17 April 2006- Got three candidates for industrial trainee from IKIP. He’s the only male candidate who is couldn’t be on time due to a matter. He needed to clear off his pay from his previous employer before starting his first day training as cook at my previous hotel in the island.
I was astonished by his call for being a good manner to me as his new boss. He does call me and wished me and also asking me whether I had my meal or not. The first impression from me to him; Zulkarnain or Naim is a good boy. He is very typical Malay boy with good courtesy and manners inherited from his parents.

2) 19 April 2008
  Bida ,my ex FO at GBH called me at 8.00 am. She told me that Naim passed away early morning (1.00 am –almost at that time). Innalillahiwainna ilaihirajiunn! I get shocked and almost jumping out from my bed. I get lost, don’t know what to do! I couldn’t think anything. Called Naim’s phone and his mum’s took the phone and told the incident and it’s all about an accident in Melaka. At that time, his body was still in the hospital, being post mortem. I couldn’t believe at first but this is true. Astaghfirullah! Started sms and calling everyone in my list especially my previous staffs. BUT I smsed my ex boss first (The owner of GBH) ‘Mr J, ur ex chef, Naim passed away today’ and I started to sms by hierarchy of that company who had done very badly to us especially to Naim.  Naim supposed to resign after raya too(same as my resignation time’ but what Naim told me was ‘Wait until I clear my job(a lot of functions and the company get a new chef for my position’ See, how good he was! Never think of him postponing his resignation because of groups.  He left the hotel and the company owed a month of his salary until Now! Damn that sarcastic of Mr J.
  A lot of people started calling me and I started crying the whole morning while waiting for a decision from Hada and Jalil to fetch me to go to his house.  Everybody was shocked! Repeated memories keep on recalling on my mind now. I just met him over our unexpected gathering at my interview day at Lumut, on the Election Day which falls on 8th March. I still remembered, we met at the supermarket (which Naim and I always buy our groceries for the hotel- he pushing the trolley while I am grabbing anything that would fit into the steel trolley) and having our dinner at the food court. That was when Bida,Dian and Naz were joining us. At that time,Ky also thought of joining us but because of his on duty, he didn’t do so. I did that on my entry before.
 Azh was calling me to confirmed about Naim’s death and he also regret because still don’t keep his promise towards Naim regarding buying the perfume at Jakarta or Bandung.  Azh was the business development manager before his second resignation with mr. J’s company which operated the hotel’s at the island. And now, Azh joined again for the third time as the Operation manager for his sub-company under the main company of Mr Js’ which under travel agent company. Azh also tried to defend Mr J, but Shid (the previous accountant) did message me that it was Mr J who refused to pay Naim’s salary because he thought of Naim sabotage his hotel. It was Mr J himself played a fool to us including me who was the resort manager cum sales executive cum everything. But I do appreciate those experiences I had before my second job at GKH.
  At last Jalil got a car to fetch me at Kampar with Hada too. We met at the hotel and having a light refreshment before heading to Naim’s house.  Called again Naim’s mom and she told us that the body would reach at 5.30 pm and would be buried after prayer.
  At 6.33 pm, called his mom again and told about the way to the house and his mom told me that Naim has been buried at 6.00 pm. We missed to see the funeral but still we need to see his mom and family. I was so damn sad and recited some selawat(maybe I am not too good at reciting that but still it was what I have always practice them) to comfort me and to stop myself from crying. Only God knows what inside my heart. As if I could see him again, his laugh, his face when I did angry at him, yelling at him, went out to the market! Just like a record over my head! It’s so hurt inside. We arrived at his house right after maghrib time. Her mom does still remember me.  Could saw the strong and sadness at once, in her eyes. She does open Naim’s luggage which she brought back from Melaka. I couldn’t help not to cry when seeing all Naim’s shirts, pants and beg which fills with files. In the files including a lot of menu, event orders and functions details of names, total pax and dates. Those menus, event orders were prepared by Naim and me.
I could name some events which always with him.
- Went to market
- Kayacking with Meor,Fik,Zam and Jalil and I am the only female went for kayacking from Pasir Bogak to Teluk Nipah
- Taught him how to prepare Nasi Biryani and those Biryani dishes.
-Scolding him and I was panicked when checking over his empty cupboard and found him nowhere. Until I looked for him at the Pangkor’s jetty and search at two ferries. Actually he was at the backyard which I always did when I want to be alone too.
-Asked him to wake me up at 4.00 am to prepare breakfast
-Playing table tennis with him and I never got the chance to win even after 5 sets of game
-Fetching me at the jetty..
-Waiting him to fetch me and while he’s late,Ky saw me and fetched me and I could see Naim’s face when found out that Ky was the one who fetch me when he’s late..too late.
-Always testing on any new recipes and get me as the first one to taste them
-Asking me to write an application and resume letter to apply for another job. I remembered I did ask him ‘Hey..I am your boss here but how dare you could ask me to write an application letter at another place and leave us at this hotel’ He replied ‘You are the best boss and very kindhearted!’ And I did write his application. (Saw the copies of the application in the file)..How could I forget that!!!
-He’s the faithful of Maxis subscriber and favors to subscribe to Super Savers, which makes him awake until 4 am.
-I always rejected his call when he calls at 2 am, 3 am because he always tries to talk to me when I am having a good sleep at that hour. I am really regretted about this when I am thinking of lying to him that I didn’t hear his call. I feel a lot sins to him.
-A lot to list over here but almost 2 years knowing would be the greatest time for us.

  We left Naim’s house after an hour being there. I couldn’t stay long, as if still feel his spirit inside the house and as if I could imagine Naim was there laughing at me.
  I hugged Naim’s mom and I can’t be strong enough when both of us crying. Insya Allah everything will be okay as life must go on.

3)  20 April 2008
  Azh called me from Jakarta tells the same thing and I kept on crying. No matter what, I still feel the management made a mistake for not paying his one month salary and hell to that management for accusing Naim for sabotaging the hotel. Hell with them again! Mr J is the one who never appreciate a hardworking staff like Naim. Put me out of the list though I know how I much I have contributed to make things happened there at the GBH. And again ‘F**k that Mr J who always has a wrong perception about his ex staff even me who had been devoted to his hotel. God will pay him!Amin!!
 Hada and a girl who had accompany me since 2 days left my house today. The girl who has took over my house having her off day and left to her hometown. Jalil and his friend staying at my house and they had left early morning without saying goodbye to me. Hada told me that Jalil doesn’t want to disturb my sleep.
  We went for lunch at one mamak restaurant at 12 pm. Hada left at 3 pm and we tried not to discuss over Naim’s death as it could made us sad again.
  And now I left alone in the house and nothing I couldn’t do after looking over my photo album about our memories together. I can’t deny that he’s a good staff but he left the hotel quite late than us. I wish he could do it earlier than me!

 ALFATIHAH to Zulkarnain Mustafa. You’ll be missed.

 But I know about myself, I could be cool myself within this week. I hope I could be okay when Ky around. I know he could comfort me. He’s the one! Furthermore, this 24th April is my last day at Grand Kampar Hotel. And mom’s birthday is just around the corner. Her birthday is on 22nd April,so does my niece Fazidah on 21st April,my brother in law 27th April, and that culprit this coming 30th April(haaaahh..why not I go to his house at Spg Rengam(that damn debtor) while I am taking my long break before starting at the new place).
  Ya Allah,kuatkanlah semangat aku!

The last meeting!

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