Friday, 11 May 2012

Kerja dengan sepenuh hati

Sejak balik bercuti di Langkawi,mood ok tapi the environment in the office with the staffs is not good.
  Not my mood but my other staffs response towards me. While I am not arround,there's no report direct to me at all. How would I feel?I felt so frustrated because this is not the first time ,I am taking leaves. Or else because they got no work to report to me coz they are sending empty report ..or else..ntah lah..satu apa pun aku tak mau fikir..cuma aku rasa they are enjoying themselves.

   Somebody must doing her job very all staffs really responding much to her and I am still the dumb here. Or else do my faces look like I am going to die?


Kesuma Angsana said...

tak bawa balik minyak gamat dri langkawi for them ke? just joking.. take it easy lah

roserose said...

hahah..dorang tu mana tau guna minyak gamat..minyak johnson & johnson aja depa tau..