Thursday, 18 May 2017

Planning jadi

Beberapa minggu merancang dgn kwn2 untuk sambut birthday KW. Tak ramai dalam geng ,cuma ada 5 org, termasuk aku dan hubby.

Masa birthday 4/5, aritu pun well planed. Unexpected birthday cake dr anak2 sbb x dpt sambut on the date.

So birthday KW ni kita plan stay kat pulau,get few activities and will just enjoy the night together.

And coincidentally it falls on ,25 Shaaban. Its our nikah date!!!

First time in my life celebrating my wedding anniversary. I feel so nostalgic but not sure about my partner. And my parents will be here too for a night before we head off to Padang Besar.

It will be more merrier if Shahriza n Saddiq could join us. Also the happening Bff ,Medan n Jatt could come over too.

I just stabdby to prepare ..if more than 8 peopla,I will cook .and my plan to cook shell out dishes.

Hmm harap semua jadi la..

Boss quite feel something if I am not coming to work,but boss I am taking my unpaid leave to protect and save you!!

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