Thursday, 20 September 2012

Selamat sampai..

Alhamdulillah.aku selamat sampai di BP pd hampir 5 pagi. Fetched by my mom.
Thanks mom. Good to see you again.
Felt so akward coz my husband not with me this time. Hope he will be okay without my present there in Manjung. Well, tomorrow is the day thT i should get massage treatment by mom. Hope that i could stand with her cutest fingers on my body ..all over. I shall assist my sister to finish her sewing order for 50 baju kurungs..that sounds crazy.
To see Bejah,another uncle from another grandmother side of my mom. Regarding on the hall rental of Dewan Jubli Intan for somewhere in December. Hope its still available for the 2nd Dato Bentara Luar's family.
  Hope it will goes well and hope my vacation at hometown will be fruitfull.

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