Saturday, 11 December 2010


Never I felt this way.All this while, I was so quiet. Not to talk about it. But after sometimes I can't be so dumb..I am sick of it.

  In front of Ky and the whole parts of the house,can yell at me. so embarassing !I would remember this all of my life. And I feel so weird when seeing they could hugging each other..chatting for some hours...
But had advise me not to be close to the one.
Oh My God!!! What is this!!!
 The other thing,why the hell that one is so busy to call the other,to show off that ! Macam nak anak amik hati mak! WTF!!!
Allah aja yg tau betapa sakitnya hati ini. Aku tahan aja. But seeing Ky saying nothing is something..I do not want any fishy things happen!!!
If I catch one time, tiada maaf bagi mu! So sorry!

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