Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Temporarily disabled

Title doesn't show that I am a disabled person. But I need some times before starts doing crazy things over fb which I have deactivated. I will be come back on Christmas. Actually its just that I just can't use my laptop all the time. I felt like i had to 'fight' with someone I love. Kind of fussing over some things that sometimes doesn't make sense at all. But its kind of great think where you will be able to know about yourself. Testing your patience over something that you had been loving doing them. Then you will know much you love your own self...these doesn't related to all being yourself...your own self. You are going to know who is yourself? Isn't that weird? Yeah..sometimes being so straight over some matters would be dull in your life. Its just me who always love doing adventurous.

 Just arrived home after having dinner with Ky and sons,also my father's cousin Pak Long Razak and wife, Mak Long who came to Sitiawan this morning,. All the way from Seremban,Negeri Sembilan. Isn't that a great thing when having a chat over a lot of matters over the table after dinner.
That's would always the nicest thing to do which I love to do all the time when I have available time.

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