Saturday, 7 November 2009

My 1 hour relief at the counter

I am doing splendid job with angry guests in the hotel. Why angry?They made reservation without confirmation and my FO released the booking once the reservation without deposit payment. Now the staffs noticed how hard I am trying to convinve and persuade the guest not to angry. Luckily,I managed to do it.And some guests(who angry at first) was laughing when made a funny quote 'later,after u dun get a room,who to be blame? Rosmah's fault!' Sapa salah kalau tak dpt bilik ?Aku jugak.

Front office staff aku pi makan dari kul 1.30 pm. So here I am alone,handling almost 15 checked in transactions.
Ada yg marah sebab tak dpt bilik dan aku berjaya memberi bilik setelah telefon reservation guest yang ramai dan tak jadi check in kat tempat aku.Teruk juga aku nak menepis segala tempias tu.

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